Verde Camp. Wake to the birds in the South Congress and Clarksville neighborhoods of Austin

Rent a fully furnished and eco-friendly house here in the South Congress or Clarksville Areas of central Austin, TX. You’ll find more information about pricing in the RATES area, interior and exterior images in the PHOTOS area, news items are at the BLOG, and more information about the houses can be found in the HOUSES section.

About Verde Camp

We’re a husband and wife team with a vision of making your stay in Austin as awesome as possible. The houses at Verde Camp were built in the early 1930’s, and are just as cool as they can be. We were encouraged to tear the houses down and start over… and we almost did. But after a little head-scratching, we’ve decided to make it work.

We’ve redone the foundations, gutted the nasty plumbing and wiring, and remodeled the interiors, all the while keeping the environment in mind. We’re proud of the way the houses have turned out, and based on your feedback, so are you.

Stay with us. We know you’ll love it! For now.. sit back with some vintage Les Paul and Mary Ford sounds to get you in the Austin mood…