Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a house for 1 night?

Typically, the answer is no. Our pricing (including linens, cleaning, and utilities) is based around a minimum of two nights. We do sometimes allow a one night stay Monday-Thursday or on very slow weekends… but it’s not all that common, but you can always ask. To rent for a single night, we add an additional $50 to cover the overhead costs.

Can I rent all the houses out over the weekend?

No, but I can rent up to three houses at one time. Verde Camp relies on guests interested in renting the houses out for short-term as well as medium-term rentals (weekly, monthly).  To rent out all of the houses over a weekend would prevent us from having the ability to service our medium-term guests when the opportunity arises.

We understand that this is unlike a hotel or motel, and we’re ok with that. It is very common for people to stay weeks and several months at a time. As I write this, we have two guests staying with us for over 4 months each.

Do you discount the rates on weekly or monthly stays at Verde Camp?

Absolutely, yes. The rates on the medium-term rentals are discounted to accommodate longer stays, and it’s usually a very good deal for everyone involved, sometimes up to 40-50% the normal price.

If you have any questions please visit our contact page and ask away!