Rates & Pricing

Heads up! We offer cheaper rates for weekly and monthly stays.  Inquire about availability, or fill out Agreement Form.

1 Bedroom StandardMockingbird, Sunrise, Yellow Rose — South Congress
$195/night (Single night: $245)
10% off Weekly: $176/night — 30% off Monthly: $137/night
ACL: $455 — SxSW: $415-455 – F1: $435 – Special Events: $245

1 Bedroom Treehouse — Clarksville
$180/night (Single night: $230)
10% off Weekly: $162/night — 30% off Monthly:  $126/night
ACL: $455 — SxSW: $400-440 — F1: $400 — Special: $230

Deluxe 1 Bed Cloud House — South Congress
/night (Single night: $295)
10% off Weekly $221/night – 30% off Monthly $172/night
ACL: $545 per night — SxSW: $485-545/night — F1: $485 per night — Special: $295

Deluxe 1 Bed Cicada House — South Congress
/night (Single night: $285)
10% off Weekly: $212/night — 30% off Monthly: $165/night
ACL: $535 — SxSW: $455-495/night — F1: $475 per night — Special: $285

Standard 2 Bed House — South Congress + Clarksville
$265/night (Single night: $315)
Houses: Mexia
10% off Weekly $239/night — 30% off Monthly $186/night
ACL: $565/night — SxSW: $505-565/night – F1: $505 — Special: $315

A Few Notes:

  • If staying for at least 7 days you get a 10% weekly discount. If staying for at least a month you get a 30% discount or more
  • There is no tax if you stay at least 30 days
  • For stays under 30 days, taxes are not included in the above prices and generally add up to around 15% for State, County and City/Hotel. This is true everywhere you stay in Austin. To get more information on this, visit the Tax Breakdown Page at the Texas Comptroller’s office.
  • Rates are higher during Festival and Events like South By Southwest (SXSW), Austin City Limits (ACL), Formula 1 (F1), and various other events. It might seem high, but we are competitive with the hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, and vacation rentals during that time. (Usually better!)
  • Our rates are adjusted based around property taxes, licenses, and other fees associated with the cost of doing business in Austin. Rest assured we are keeping our rates as low as possible while still paying the bills.

Any other questions, please contact guest services, we’d love to answer any questions you might have!